“Satellite Healthcare’s acquisition of Tri-County Vascular is beneficial to dialysis patients because it speeds up the process for patients in need of a fistula and helps to eliminate the use of catheters. I can honestly say it was a very quick turnaround from the time Dr. Kumar referred me to Tri-County Vascular Care to the time I actually had my procedure. I felt so relieved I was finally able to get rid of my catheter and get a fistula because they provide better access and are much safer and easier to clean.”
Ana Paratore
“I had my fistula created at Tri-County Vascular Care in November 2018 and must say the doctors are excellent and really know what they are doing. And a key benefit to the partnership between Satellite Healthcare and Tri-County Vascular is that information can be shared quickly between the two organizations making follow-up appointments easier on dialysis patients.”
Winnie Castro

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